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Lady V. was born Vashon Living September 6, 1981.  An original Houstonian, Vashon is of French, Native American, and African American decent.   Growing up, Lady V. was a chubby kid and did not have an early opportunity to get involved in sports. It was only until she got to middle school and high school she was able to discover her God given talents. She became a very athletic three sport letterman in High school. Shed received scholarships from colleges, yet it remained uncertain what path she wanted to follow or what sport to pursue.

Vashon had never had a fight nor was she the fighting type. She had also never been provoked.  While talking to a couple of friends at a social gathering, Vashon decided to sit her small black wrist purse on a table behind her. After about ten minutes or so, something white and glowing caught Vashons eye.  She looked a bit closer and to her surprise, it was her drivers license glowing under the black light of the venue ceiling! She immediately turned around to look for her purse. She thought, "oh my God, its not there!" She then spots a guy sitting to the right of her on a couch bench.  He is slightly turned to the side as if he is hiding something. In shock with the whole scenario, Vashon felt a rage come over her that she'd never experienced before. Her eyes locked on him and everything grew quiet.  As she walked over, she contemplated how she was going to approach him about her missing purse. She stood directly in front of him watching him take the money out of her purse and says, "You have my purse dont you? He looks up in shock as he's caught red handed.  Instinctively, Vashons hands began to fly effortlessly and accurately, as if fighting was something she was born to do! People watched in amazement, to see such a calm quiet young lady fight a man!  A couple of minutes later, security came running through the crowd and peeled Vashon off of the thief. She told them the situation and they let her go.  Vashons purse and money was successfully recovered.  She went on to enjoy her night with her friends, along with some added fans from her brawl. Vashon would never think about fighting again, until a few months later.  She was approached by a gentleman that witnessed her altercation that extraordinary night. He began asking her if shed ever boxed and wondered what she thought about a career in boxing. She explained to the man how shed never had a fight in her life and that a career in fighting was something that would've never crossed her mind. 

 About a year later, Vashon began an amateur boxing career at Savannah Boxing Gym.  She currently resides at Hank's Boxing Gym in Bellaire, Houston as a professional boxer.  She is managed by Aaron Navarro at www.navarrotraining.com. She is also a student studying for her bachelors degree in Kinesiology.  Her boxing career and fan base is at an all time high.

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